Same app, just with 2 years experience

Two years ago I released my first Android app – Rainbow Serpent 2012 Set Times. The app was mainly a set of list views with the set times for each stage. There was no customisation of the list cells and no logic to do anything fancy. The feature I really wanted to include (and the most requested) – the ability to star a set/artist – was absent.

  • rsf2012-home
  • rsf2012-settimes
  • rsf2012-about

About a week before this years festival I decided to smash out a 2014 version. A week is not a very long time to build an app especially with full time work and festival preparations! This time it was going to have all the features I wanted to have in the first version, and more!

I’m pretty happy with the result – RSF 2014 Set Times

  • rsf2014-countdown
  • rsf2014-nowplaying
  • rsf2014-mainstage

I would have liked to have used an Android 2.3 compatibility layer, but time was not on my side! (and my phone runs Android 4 😉 )

The app was built in the Android flavoured version of Eclipse (ADT Bundle).

Note: Neither of these apps were commissioned work and both were produced independent of Rainbow Serpent Festival.

The graphic design of the 2012 app was by Chris Martin –
The graphic design of the 2014 app was by Carla Marino –